• What is the difference between a Construction Induction OHS (White) Card, and a Construction Induction OHS (Red) Card?

    Each Australian state used to have their General Induction to the Construction Industry, and on completion of that training, they issued participants with a card. For instance, Victoria had the Red Card, Queensland had the Blue card, & New South Wales had the Green card. In 2009, the Construction Induction (White Card) Course was introduced nationally so that the training requirements were the same all over Australia. While the state coloured cards may still be recognised, some work sites require workers to have completed the White Card training as there is more OHS training involved in this training compared to the state coloured cards.

  • It's been 2 years and I have never received my Construction Induction OHS (White) Card. How do I get it?

    If you completed your White card training through a Victorian RTO (Registered Training Organisation), then you will need to contact WorkSafe Victoria on 1300 852 562 & explain when you completed the training and that you never received White Card. They will ask you some personal questions for identity purposes and check their database for your details. If you are not in their system, then you were never issued a White Card in the first place.

    If you received a Statement of Attainment from the RTO when you completed the training, then you should follow it up with that particular RTO.

  • I live in another country but am flying over to Australia to do a particular job for a few months. I need my Construction Induction OHS (White) Card. Can I do the course and get the card?

    Yes you can. You will need to provide us with your photo ID (usually in the form of your current passport), and a letter from the company that you will be working for in Australia, on company letterhead signed by a Director or their representative, stating
    the following:

      1.  Your full name (given name, middle names and surname) as printed on your Passport

      2.  Your Date of Birth

      3.  And that you are employed to work in Australia for a limited time by (list the company name here) and that (list the company name here) is happy for you to use their business address as your address for your White Card to be posted to.

  • I have been told I can do the Construction Induction OHS (White) Card Course online. Is this true?

    Please note that we have been notified by WorkSafe Victoria stating that:

    "WorkSafe Victoria does not recognise any On-line Training Courses for a Construction Induction Card (White Card). We only offer one Construction Induction (CI) training course in Vic and it is CPCCOHS1001A - work safely in the construction industry - and in Vic it must be done face to face as a 6 hours course. It is recognised nationally. The training courses are held only in English without interpreters."

  • What photo ID do I need to do the Construction Induction OHS (White) Card Course?

    Participants must provide photo ID (e.g. Driver's Licence, current passport, Keypass, Proof of Age Card). If they do not, they cannot attend the course as per WorkSafe regulations. If they do not have an Australian Driver's Licence, then they will need to bring their photo ID and also an official document stating their current Australian residential address e.g. bank account statement (with sensitive information blanked out), rent receipt, utility bill, Centrelink Card, etc. If they are unsure, please contact our office before the course date.

    If you are under the age of 18,and do not have a licence (with photo) such as Learner's Permit, Junior Shooter's Licence, or Boat Licence, please contact our office.

  • My Construction Induction OHS (White) Card has been lost, or misplaced, or damaged, or stolen. Can I get it replaced?

    If your White Card was issued from WorkSafe Victoria, you will need to contact them on 1300 852 562 & explain what happened to your White Card. They will ask you some personal questions for identity purposes and they will post out your replacement card to your postal address. At this stage, there is no charge for a replacement Construction Induction (White) Card.

  • My Red Card has been lost, or misplaced, or damaged, or stolen. What do I do?

    Unfortunately, you might not be able to get your Red Card replaced as the Red Card is no longer issued. You will need to contact the Registered Training Organisation that you did your Red Card training with.

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