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If you hold a Victorian Red Card, you may apply for a nationally recognised Construction Induction Card (White Card) through All Skills Services. Just fill out the Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Form, provide a colour copy of your Red Card (must be readable), provide a copy of your photo ID, pay the Red Card to White Card Transfer Application fee...& we will do the rest!

There is no extra training involved in a Red Card to White Card transfer.

Red Card to White Card Transfer All Skills Services


Victorian Red Card to White Card Transfer information



Red Cards were issued prior to 1 July, 2008 after completing a construction induction training course. The Red Card was issued when each state & territory had their own general construction induction training; Red Card in Victoria, Blue Card in Queensland, Green Card in NSW). Red Cards can only be replaced by the training provider that you originally completed your general construction induction training with.  If the training provider has closed, or you can’t remember who you did your training with, you will have to complete the construction induction training again.  This time you will be issued with a White Card.

White Cards have been issued since 1 July 2008, after completing the construction induction training course. White Cards are recognised all over Australia & the training requirements are now the same for each state & territory.  White Cards are issued in Victoria by WorkSafe Victoria.  This means they keep a database of every White Card they issue, so if you lose your White Card, you can contact them on 1300 852 562 for a replacement. Currently, there is no charge for a replacement White Card.

If you hold a Victorian Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Red Card, it was issued before 1 July 2008. While these Red Cards are still valid proof of construction induction training, some employers require you to hold a White Card to work for them, or if you hold a Red Card, they may suggest that you undertake refresher training and upgrade to a White Card.

White Cards are nationally recognised and are accepted all across Australia. This means that if you need to travel interstate for a job, you don't need to complete White Card training again.

Under Part 5.1 - Construction, Reg 349 of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, a Construction Induction card (either Red or White) is valid indefinitely (i.e. does not expire) provided the holder continues to perform construction work.  You will need to undertake new training if you allow 2 years to pass without performing construction work, even if you have previously completed this induction training and received your Red or White Card, as your card will lapse and no longer be current.


Under WHS/OHS legislation in Australia, all persons working on construction sites must successfully undertake general construction induction training and be issued with a White Card or other proof of successful training achievement, before they are permitted to enter a construction site. 

It is expected that site-specific induction training will be conducted prior to conducting construction work. 

All people performing construction work require proof that they have completed a general OHS construction induction for the industry. 

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) require all Owner Builders to hold a current White Card. Owner Builders are required to submit a copy of both sides of their White Card when they apply to the VBA for an owner-builder certificate of consent. The White Card must be current. The VBA will not accept a Statement of Attainment for either a Red or White Card as evidence of having completed Construction Induction training, nor will they accept a Victorian Red Card.


There is no extra training involved in a Red Card to White Card transfer.

Your Red Card to White Card transfer can be completed via email. Just contact us for a Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Form.

To be eligible for a Red Card to a White Card transfer, you must provide:

  1. Your original Red Card in legible condition, or your Statement of Attainment for your Red Card
  2. Current photo identification
  3. Proof of current residential/postal address
  4. Pay the Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Fee of $80.00 (Card or Direct Deposit)
  5. Complete the Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Form (you are required to sign this form by hand, not electronically)

The fee you pay us includes the fee to WorkSafe Victoria for the processing of your White Card. We have to pay this fee to WorkSafe Victoria when processing your Red Card to White Card Transfer Application. ALL Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Forms MUST be accompanied by the Transfer Application Fee.  Any forms without confirmed payment WILL NOT be processed until payment is received.

We accept the following photo ID:

  • Victorian Driver’s Licence
  • Victorian Boat Licence
  • Victorian Firearm Licence
  • Australian Passport (must be current or expired within the last 2 years, but not cancelled)
  • KeyPass
  • Proof of Age Card
  • non-Australian passport (must be current)
  • non-Australian Driver's Licence (must be current)


If your photo ID does not have a Victorian residential address listed on it, then you will need to provide your photo ID AND also an official document stating your current Victorian residential address e.g. bank account statement (with sensitive information blanked out), rent receipt, utility bill, Centrelink Card, etc.

All Victorian White Cards will be printed by WorkSafe Victoria and posted to the postal address you have written on your Red Card to White Card Transfer Application Form. Any issues concerning the receipt of your card should be directed to WorkSafe Victoria on 1300 852 562. 

If you do not have a suitable Red Card, or the Statement of Attainment from the RTO who provided the training for your Red Card, you will need to complete Construction Induction training to obtain a White Card.

For more information about our White Card Courses, please click on this link: White Card Courses


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