" Cannot praise All Skills up enough. Communication from (the Admin Manager) in the office with emails, calls and text messges was A+!! (The trainer's) hands-on approach to teaching is excellent! His skills as an operator gives the students understanding of the way things need to be done safely. I felt comfortable asking questions inside the classroom as well as out in the field. Thanks you (All Skills) for the past two days. Cheers!!" 

B. Allender, (V/Line Corporation), 2019

"(The trainer's) humour and knowledge made the course really enjoyable."

M. Tydeman, (Yarra City Council), 2018

"Very helpful and informative training. Always felt I was able to clarify anything I had issues with."

S. Jones, (Yarra City Council), 2018

"This is my second course with All Skills and once again, I have to recommend them.  (The trainer) has put together a great course; it's structure and content have been put together to make it very practical and if you don't understand something he is great about answering questions and putting it in a way that's understandable.

M. Asbury, (City of Boroondara Council), 2018

"After completing the excavator course, I now feel I have the skills necessary to continue developing as an operator."

A. Booth, (City of Boroondara Council), 2018

"It was refreshing to do a course that actually taught some skill along with the competencies that had to be obtained.  It would be good if more training focused on skills and real life and less on just ticking boxes."

P. Wright, 2018

"(The staff) at All Skills are top class.  This is one of the best training courses I have ever been involved in.  Diligent, professional and with a positive 'no holds bar' approach to creating the best operator that you can be.  The documentation alone that was created is an encyclopedia of information that I will use for decades to come.  Don't mess with the rest, these guys are the best!"

D. Hudner, 2018

"Great course and industry knowledge.  Wonderful for coming in on a weekend to conduct it."

C. Marshall, 2018

"An excellent course where things are explained and shown in an educational way and able to understand the course."

C. Jolly, 2017

"(The trainer's) experience in the workplace was invaluable."

M. Boyle, (Wannon Water), 2017

"Very good course."

B. Reese, (Wannon Water), 2017

"I found the course very informative, learning techniques that I didn't know.  I feel more confident about driving the excavator."

T. O'Brien, (Wannon Water), 2017

"Very thorough course.  Learnt a lot of different techniques."

J. Dwyer, (Wannon Water), 2017

"Very detailed theory & practical work.  Very good course.  Learnt a lot about Excavator driving & operation techniques.  (The trainer) is a great trainer in all aspects."

M. Rowe, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

"Great course.  Learnt an enormous amount regarding Excavator driving an techniques, and operations of machine.  Delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer."

D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

"Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

"Excellent (Excavator) course with a great teacher."

S. Rodgers, 2015

"As a New Zealander moving to Australia, I needed to acquire my excavator ticket to continue working in the construction industry.  I found the (All Skills) team extremely helpful in finding out what I needed to do to get it.  They were very thorough explaining all the different rules and regulations.  I learned a lot and would definitely use the team for any future tickets."

B. Meager-Wadley, 2015

"I didn't have a lot of knowledge before the training on (Excavator) operation for earthworks. After finishing the training, I feel very confident to understand the procedures as well as risk & hazards to operate the machine. With some practice, I can become a good operator. Thanks to (All Skills) for delivering the training with great passion."

J. Dib Gomez, (Permacultura Mexico), 2015

"The (Excavator) course was really good. It taught me things I didn't expect to learn, but when working in the industry, needed to learn. The instructor was a great help and made things easy to learn."

C. Leech, 2015

"(Excavator) Training package was informative and more information than was actually required. It was delivered by a team who are passionate and enthusiastic about providing quality training for now and future. Thank you (All Skills)!"

G. Hogan, 2015

"I was given an amazing amount of (Excavator) knowledge, pointers, advice, and safety practices that I can take away with me to any site I work on. (The trainer) was always offering to help and guide, which made this experience well worthwhile and plan on doing all future tickets and licensing at All Skills. Cheers!"

H. Grace, (Crombie Electrical), 2014

"Overall very happy with the (Excavator) training. Learnt quite a bit. Good luck (to All Skills) for your future plans & wish you all the best in the growth of your business."

C. Brannelly, 2014

"The best instructor I have had at any training I have attended! (Excavator Course)."

W. Henry, (Wannon Water), 2014

"The information & teaching of the trainer are A-one. The way he explains the safety & operations of machinery is excellent. I give 10/10. (Excavator & White Card)."

G. Perosevic, 2013

"I contacted many companies (regarding Excavator training). Thank God I used All Skills Services. I thank them and I will be doing other courses in the future."

M. Smith, 2013

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